Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Dear Friend Now in Universal Peace

Dearest Friends:

It is with deep sorrow and reverence that I write to tell you that our beloved friend, mentor, inspiration and Jester-in-Chief, Peter Douglas, passed away on Sunday night. He was surrounded by family and friends in the warm, loving home of his sister, Tina. He was truly at peace, looking forward with his characteristic open-hearted curiosity to his next adventure. While he was able to say good bye to many of his dearest friends before he left, he wasn’t able to contact everyone. He specifically wanted all of you to know that he was awed by the depth and breadth of your love and support, that he felt it every moment of every day, and that he considered it his greatest gift.

True to his wishes, he maintained his integrity, engagement, sharp mind, and dry wit all the way through to the end. In doing so he continued to be a model and a guide for all of us. As for saving the Earth, he expressed confidence that we are all up to carrying on the task without him. Nevertheless, he promised to work every angle and maximize every opportunity that comes his way to continue helping the cause in his new capacity. I fully expect that many of us will forever call upon his inspiration and compassion in asking, “what would Peter do?” when we find ourselves faced with life’s conundrums.

Memorial plans are currently being discussed, details to follow. In the mean time, donations in his honor of his legacy can be sent in lieu of flowers either of the two following non-profit entities:

  • A fellowship fund has been established in Peter’s honor to fund Coastal Commission interns to help train the next generation of coastal defenders. Contributions to the Peter Douglas Coastal Fellowship can be made on line at: http://www.mbnmsf.org/pages/donate-douglas.html

  • The Wildlands Conservancy has created the Peter Douglas Coastal Project Fund, to honor Peter’s wishes to protect coastal landscapes and enhance public access. These funds will be used to purchase critical coastal properties and/or provide public access improvements that will be open and available to all, free of charge. Contributions to the Wildlands Coastal Project can be sent to:
The Wildlands Conservancy--Coastal Project Fund
39611 Oak Glen Rd.
Oak Glen, CA 92399
Or call: 909-797-8507

Be peaceful on this sorrowful day.


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